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CloudQb Applications

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Enterprise-level VPN connectivity with cloud-based hubs, enabling global access to private resources through secure tunnels over public Internet


  • SSL-VPN tunnels, architected with open standards principles

  • VPN access servers on both vCPE and cloud

  • Compatible with open-source VPN clients

  • Group and policy templates for auto connecting branch networks to cloud


Remotely secure and monitor connected enterprise networks, with cloud-based connection flow and threat management support, and updated security signatures


  • Group-based stateful firewall policies configuration

  • Cloud-based Deep Packet Inspection and Parental control

  • Cloud antivirus support

  • Enforcing QoS and bandwidth management on the edge

  • Real-time network visibility & alerts, with logging every session in cloud


Seamlessly manage wireless networks across multiple geographical locations through virtual Wi-Fi controllers, reducing on-premise deployments


  • Zero touch provisioning of access points

  • Multi SSID support

  • Separate guest and enterprise users login

  • Wi-Fi roaming

  • Captive portals

  • RADIUS authentication


Multi WAN orchestration and WAN high-availability over 4G networks


  • Service availability over wired (Ethernet, Fiber, DSL) and wireless (4G/LTE) WANs

  • Load balancing and auto-failover support

  • Traffic shaping to minimize latency

  • Compatibility with CPE WAN Management Protocol (TR-069)


Instant enablement of last-mile IoT networks, smart sensors and industrial controls with protocol adaptation support in the edge


  • Centralized management and control of all IoT networks

  • Support for Z-Wave, MQTT, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN and Modbus protocols

  • CloudQb services API enables organizations to run predictive analytics on sensor data

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