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Unbox and Enable SD-WAN capabilities in Cloud, Provider Edge or Private Datacenter

Pluggable software with modular virtual network functions and Open APIs for instantaneous enablement of highly agile SD-WAN platforms in service provider networks and enterprise data centers. The architecture is designed to handle seamless network scaling, while ensuring industrial-grade network performance, security and reliability.

SDWAN In A Box.png
Feature Highlights


Patented rendering engine to auto generate management screens from the YANG definitions and automate network provisioning and management from centralized cloud servers.


Defined using YANG data models, the Virtual Network Functions (VNF) and Element Management System (EMS) can run as independent services, with hosting options across virtual machines and docker containers in customer premises or data center environments

Broadband Forum Support

Compliant with Broadband Forum standards defined for Virtual Business Gateways and Network Enhanced Residential Gateways. Supports TR-181, TR-317, TR-328, TR-369 definitions.

Protocol Adapters

Protocol adaptation support for last-mile micro networks connected behind the edge, bringing IoT and legacy devices under the unified Hybrid SD-WAN umbrella.

(Check User Services Platform for more details)


Built on 'Open Standards' principles, with Open APIs published for rapid solution integration and delivery in a multi-vendor integration environment.


Orchestrate edge services on physical on-premise CPE appliances or virtual gateways hosted in data centers. Reduce on-premise complexity by offloading VPN, Firewall, WLAN Management to the cloud.


Supports OpenDayLight controller, Open ACS, NETCONF and TR-based standards for dynamic network orchestration and management.

Tailor-made for Service Providers

Highly optimized solution to accommodate seamless network scaling, while providing the network reliability and agility demanded by service providers. Modular architecture allows rapid introduction of newer value-added services across multi-site deployments.

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