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Seamless Protocol Adaptation

CloudPiper protocol adaptation technology enables organizations to unlock connectivity across millions of last-mile network devices and IoT nodes supporting different communication protocols including Z-Wave, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, Modbus, MQTT and SNMP. With CloudPiper organizations have the freedom to engage with any ODM/OEM vendor and bring the devices under CloudQb framework in a most non-intrusive manner, without the need for any hardware re-engineering.

Hardware design flexibility


OEM and ODM vendors have the freedom to manufacture a hardware with their own product specifications and our CloudPiper adapters will ensure their compatibility to operate on any platform.

No learning curve for managing new devices


Simplified and uniform management of hybrid devices. Simply plug in a device of your choice and it becomes part of the existing network infrastructure.

Cloud enablement of legacy systems


CloudPiper adapters act as the gateway for connecting legacy devices to cloud, imparting them the same remote management and provisioning capabilities as modern smart systems.

Operating System independent


Compatible to interact with devices running on multiple operating systems, including VxWorks, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OpenWRT, Unix, Linux and Android.

Protocols supported by CloudPiper

CloudPiper is flexible and adaptable to support all major industry standard protocols, including:



Z - Wave




6LoWPAN& many more

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