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              Enabling Edge Virtualization

With the growth of smart devices and adoption of IoT, the network edge has emerged as the hub for a multitude of connected devices that rely on the Internet for services much more than web browsing and entertainment. A typical medium-scale office network today includes multiple wireless access points, controllers, firewalls and managed switches, complicating the network deployment and increasing the capital expenditure for hardware procurement. Moreover a considerable amount of operational expenses in the organizations is dedicated towards maintaining the networks, pushing upgrades and providing support services. In short, network management today has become an essential but expensive and complicated affair.

Through edge virtualization, CloudQb removes all the clutter from on-premise deployments and provides a simplified, software-defined approach towards managing geographically dispersed networks through a common pool of virtual controllers hosted in the cloud. The underlying CloudQb technologies, Generic Device Management Framework (GDMF) and CloudPiper protocol adapters, enable last-mile connectivity with the edge and provide a secure edge to cloud connectivity for managing the connected devices.

Reduce your network's CAPEX and OPEX

Hardware Reduction


Centralized management of geographically dispersed networks through virtual appliances

Service Cost Reduction


Eliminate on-site truck rolls for hardware upgrades, replacement or troubleshooting

Deployment Savings


On-demand networking with resource sharing in a multi-tenant scenario

Business Benefits

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CloudQb Components
CloudQb Edge Devices

Low-cost Customer Premises Equipments (CPEs) sitting at the customer edge, responsible for cloud-enabling the networks. (Access Points, IoT Nodes, sensors etc.) The devices are managed by the virtual controllers hosted in cloud. (Go to CloudQb Applications for the list of devices)

CloudQb Controllers 

Cloud based controllers allow organizations to seamlessly scale up their networks without purchasing additional hardware for network control and management, (Wireless, Firewall IoT, VPN etc.) and significantly save on their IT expenses.

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Photo Courtesy: Lanner Electronics Inc.

Feature Highlights

Cloud-ready Solutions


CloudQb instantly cloud-enables the edge devices ranging from traditional routers to IoT gateways, and enables last-mile device management through our patent-pending management framework (GDMF).

Centralized Orchestration


Our centralized virtual controllers accelerate network deployment and scaling, while simplifying the management through a single-pane management interface. Device and policy grouping ensures consistent, error-free policy configuration across all deployed sites.

Secure Network Overlay


CloudQb secures device-to-cloud communication through industrial-grade VPN tunnels. The connecting devices are in turn authenticated and registered after public-key exchanges.

Open Architecture


CloudQb is built using "Open Standards" principles, to facilitate interoperability and data exchange across multiple 3rd party devices. The open architecture also allows network management through OpenFlow SDN controllers.

Flexible Network Functions


Unplug the software from virtual controllers and download it on the edge to low-cost CPE into a fully operational Firewall or VPN or Wireless gateway router. The architecture ensures customer remains agnostic to whether the controllers are hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

Network Intelligence


CloudQb is designed to seamlessly integrate with the analytics and AI engines at the cloud and the edge networks, facilitating real-time intelligence and proactive analytics on the data generated from connected devices.

Target Markets

Integration with Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central

Decillion Devices, in partnership with Microsoft, has integrated CloudQb with Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central. This allows organizations to send the data from connected networks through CloudQb Edge, and build intelligence on the data by subscribing for the available value-added services in Azure Cloud through Azure C2D Gateway, the proprietary application that links CloudQb to Azure IoT stack. To ensure data security and protection, the entire communication is managed through secure VPN tunnels.

CloudQb, with its tight integration services, also facilitates network management through native Azure dashboards.

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