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'Auto-generate management interfaces and device-specific routines'

GDMF is the engine that powers CloudQb edge. It provides advanced cloud-based management capabilities to wide range of CloudQb solutions targeted across multiple industry verticals, including enterprises, industrial IoT, retail and service provider networks.

GDMF combines the advanced configuration and management standards defined by IETF like NETCONF and YANG to manipulate the configuration of network devices, and utilizes CloudPiper protocol adaptation technology to cover the last mile connectivity to multiple protocol standards including Z-Wave, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN, SNMP and Modbus.


The GDMF architecture is built on YANG data models that define the schema of the configuration data that needs to be manipulated using NETCONF protocol.

GDMF is designed such that the data models are central to the architecture and the northbound management interfaces and southbound device-specific APIs are auto-generated from the data models. This ensures all future enhancements are limited to the data models, reducing the risk of failure and enabling the management of CloudQb edge devices in quick time.

CloudQb Agent

Software running on the edge devices, or directly on the client devices that don't need an additional edge device, that cloud-enables the client networks and provide cloud-based management capabilities.

CloudQb Service

Application running on the cloud server and responsible for interfacing with northbound management interfaces and southbound edge devices. The service orchestrates the network management through the controllers and is further integrated with MongoDB database for storing historical data. CloudQb Service also publishes Northbound Open APIs for 3rd party integrations.

CloudQb Manager

Application that hooks with the northbound APIs from CloudQb Service to expose the management interfaces. Also incorporates the rendering engine to auto generate the management screens from YANG data model

Standardized device-to-cloud communication


Establishes a common platform where devices can connect and get managed through cloud. The mechanism of managing a high-end firewall is similar to managing a smart bulb.

Built-In Security


FIPS 140-2 security compliant architecture, secured over SSH and HTTPS networks.

Platform Agnostic


Seamless integration with any cloud-computing infrastructure and easily portable on VxWorks, Linux, OpenWRT, Unix, Linux operating systems.

OpenFLow SDN


Architected with 'Open Standards' principles, enabling the CloudQb CPE devices to be compatible with OpenFlow SDN controllers.

100% customizable


Highly flexible and modular framework, tailored to different business needs, operating across multiple scales.



In today's continuously evolving environment, where technology is getting obsolete every few months, it is highly essential to design and launch products at a faster pace and generate maximum value from the market.


GDMF, with auto-generated source code and automation test tools, drastically reduces the engineering time for CloudQb edge devices and makes them production-ready in days, compared to traditional development models which may take months.

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